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Comic reviews

So here are some books i picked up recently!!

Sensational Spiderman #25
This book was a quarter so i picked it up, and i believe i should be paid to buy it. The story shows Spidey and black cat coming to Reed Richards for help because aparrently Doc Conners, the Lizard decieded it would be a good idea to infect his kid, oh that wacky lizard. So Reed whips out his fancy machine that he just happens to have just for this occasion. Speaking of Reed watch those eyes buddy. Yeah i bet your watching your machine power up.

So then Mary Jane is attacked by man wolf, who for some reason decided to come for a visit. Mary Jane is about to bite the dust, but what Aunt May saves her!! About time she did something useful, i swear all she does these days is hit on Jarvis, who is a SKRULL!!!! May likes it freaky!!!! Apparently Spidey has a magic new power

I feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and thats it for Spidey.

Annihilation Conquest-Star Lord #1
Sweet book!!! This book opens with a character i never knew about untill recently. Star Lord has a great design, im big on the british design and the kickass helmet. So the kree take him out of their prison and unite a sort of suicide squad to hunt down phalanx. We meet some sweet characters like Bug, Deathcry, and my four big faves.

The last time i saw Mantis was in the Avengers defenders war book. She was an Asian woman with Green and Yellow costume. I love how she make her out as this crazy madonna.

And Captain Universe is Back!!!! I remeber the old school spiderman captain universe combo, and the other weird combonations like hulk, susan richards, and x-23.

Rocket Raccon Nuff Said

And a talking tree!? Make Mine Marvel!!

Secret Invasion Runaways and Young Avengers #1
Since the only way im going to get a new Young Avengers till lord knows(im not counting Young Avengers Presents) this book was a nice pick up. The color was suberb and i enjoyed the sorta manga look to the characters.Thought this the same stuff i have seen in Secret Invasion, Avengers the Inivative, and countless other books know, but i love these characters i thought they were well written.

The Blaah begins

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